Feature Request - COSMOS

Wondering if you have Cosmos on the roadmap for addition. Thank you

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Hi @cryptouser123,

Thanks for the request — yes, we’ll work on adding $ATOM support and circle back once it is in place

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A related feature request is adding support for Cosmos based wallets, such as Bandchain (https://cosmoscan.io/).

The associated project is https://bandprotocol.com/ which is an increasingly popular Oracle network (competing with Chainlink).

Also, if it helps, here is a related guide: https://medium.com/@swiss_staking/staking-band-with-ledger-nano-956d7e8f6ec8

@coinbear thanks for the request and pointers — added to our request list

By the way if BAND is an ERC-20 token, you can already add it via ETH wallet:

Band has indeed a ERC20 token variation, however the “actual” Band token is running on Cosmos.

Understood — we’ll work on it