Feature Request: Sort/Layer Filters on Transactions Page

It’s extremely frustrating to only be able to not be able to sort transactions or layer multiple filters in the transactions page.

Currently if I search for a coin, lets say ETH, and hit search it will bring up all of my ETH transactions. Then, if I go and go to the “category” dropdown and select to show “ignored” (show tx that I have manually ignored) - then it resets everything and shows me all coins again!

The problem is Cointracker only lets you have 1 filter and does not let you sort or layer anything for an individual coin as far as I can tell. Everytime a change is made, it resets and shows for all coins…

We should be able to add multiple layers and filters by coin and have a “RESET” button to clear everything.


  • Search for “ETH” (filters by ETH tx only)
  • Filter by specific wallet(s)
  • Filter category = staking rewards
  • Date range = 1/1/2021 to 12/1/2021
  • etc etc etc

Thats just one example. To reset that I would just hit a “reset button”

Also would be key to sort tx by highest realized capital gains/loss per coin (or all coins) so we can quickly identify tx that may be causing massive errors to our reporting and may need manual update.


  • Allow up to 10 filters/sorting layers at a time (add a reset button to clear)
  • Allow to sort tx by highest/lowest realized capital gains/loss