Feature Request - Syscoin (Public Address)

Hi Team,

Please include Syscoin public addresses in CoinTracker. If you’re not familiar, they’re doing huge things in the NFT, DeFi, smartcontract & compliance spaces: https://syscoin.org/

  • Just FYI, they’re merge-mined with BTC, and their code base is (basically) in lock-step with BTC, which means that Syscoin uses the QT wallet, and the transactions are UTXO, so if you already support public BTC wallets, this is a small lift as they’re nearly identical in codebase (at least for transactions).
  • Headsup, you’re going to start to see many important tokens built upon this platform (i.e. stablecoins, etc) as it will become one of the defacto L1 platforms moving forward (if you’d like a quick primer into why this is, i.e. with their upcoming NEVM, please read this: Syscoin: The Road Ahead)

This would be very important for tax reasons, as the Syscoin platform also supports masternodes, so they have a bit of a hybrid staking model. In other words, this would be very valuable to tracking passive income for tax purposes. Thank you!