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Firstly, making the tax plans free for upto 200 transactions is incredible and honestly, too good to be true. Gave it a shot and I now have everything I need and don’t have to worry about crypto and taxation! This would have otherwise taken a couple of hours for me to do on my own. Love it. The whole setup, wallet syncs, dashboard and tax form generation was seamless, would highly recommend. Great job :slight_smile:

Some feedback on the experience otherwise:

  1. Download zip (instead of downloading each file)
  2. Why separate sign up for the cointracker forum website? I first tried signing into the forum a couple of times and it kept failing - was a little confused. Would be nice if there is a messaging about having to create a separate account in the sign in flow.
  3. In the dashboard, would be nice to have a “Hide assets less than” option to remove small assets.
  4. There is a slightly hidden messaging in the “Performance” section for me, under one of the assets that says " Oops, this doesn’t look right. See our FAQ for possible reasons.". However, I didn’t see this in the Tax section. If there indeed is a mistake in how I synced my wallets, etc, it would be nice to show this alert in the tax page as well before the final tax forms are generated, so that I could fix them. There is one general alert in the page which asks users to review their <hyperlinked_transactions>, however, when I visited that page, nothing showed up in an obvious manner. The performance page did.

Thank you once again for this awesome product :slight_smile:

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Hi @pranavr93 thanks for that awesome feedback! We’re glad you love our product!

We’ll be sure to incorporate your product feedback!

On your question of separate sign-in, we do this to protect user’s personal accounts from the public forum; by having a separate sign-in users can have anonymous accounts.