Fees are not importing from manual CSV files

I have been manually creating CSV files for localbitcoins and early kraken trades that do not pull via the API. Unfortunately, no matter how I do it the transactions get imported without any of their fees. I have used the interactive csv importer tool to make sure the fields are correct, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Here is what the inside of my CSV file looks like for a few old Kraken trades:

Please help!



So I just formatted my localbitcoins.com data in the same format, and it imported the fees just fine. IT is formatted like this:
2020-04-24 10_43_53-localbitcoins 2017 Trades.csv - Excel

I’m not sure why the kraken data does not import? Do I need to manually calculate and change my kraken fees to BTC?

Hi Luke - would you mind reaching out to us on support chat and share the Kraken file so we can take a look at it? Thanks!

Sure can, I’ll drop it in the chat in the next 15 minutes

I have dropped my July, August, and September Kraken trade files in the chat.


Hi @LukeBlodgett,

Hopefully you got an answer on support chat. If you still haven’t figured it out, from initial glance, it looks like you can just delete the TXID (column B) in the Kraken CSV and it should work.


I got a reply back from the chat. I’ll make the changes suggested and retry.


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