Fees not being handled properly

I had a transaction where I transferred 20 VET out of my Binance exchange and into my Ledger wallet. There was also a 20 VET transaction fee. The 20 VET fee was never deducted from my overall portfolio balance. I tried entering a manual transaction numerous different ways and it just will not work. My VET balance is still 20 too high. Both the source and destination wallet are being synced by CoinTracker. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Would be happy to share screen shots of anything to help troubleshoot.


Came here for this.

Binance fees on withdrawals aren’t being synced. Fees for trades are, just not withdrawals.

One example: withdrew 100 XRP, on Binance CSV it shows -100 xrp with “Withdraw fee is included”. On CT it only shows -99.75 and +99.75 on my wallets, no fee, which I presume is 0.25XRPs.

I have a lot of withdrawals but don’t mind manually inputting them. I’m just worried that after I do that there’ll be issues as you mention, especially if/when CT sort the issue out and they sync.