Fees not deducted from exchange wallet


I have been chasing down some issues with my exchange wallet balances not matching, and have determined that trading fees do not seem to be included in the calculations, even though they are reported in the transaction under “fees.” Cointracker essentially showed that I was accumulating those fees in my wallet with every trade because they weren’t calculated out of my balances. This seems to have messed with my cost basis.

So, I’m finding that I need to manually update every transaction for all of my crypto to crypto trades by adding or subtract the correct btc or usdc fee to the received or sent side. This seems to work, but is very time consuming - is there a better way to do this?

Thank you

You could try exporting a csv file from the exchange, then editing it in a spreadsheet (e.g. sheets.new -> File -> Import -> Upload), adding in a column for fees, exporting it (File -> Download -> Comma-separated values) deleting the wallet on CoinTracker and uploading the csv. This is the format it needs to be in is shown here: https://www.cointracker.io/import


Hi Hamish,

Thank you - I did a test of the csv import and it seemed to work how it’s supposed to.

Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to have a lot of work cut out for me either way, as the csv from my exchange needs heavy formatting to work with Cointracker. CSV might still be easier to work with than individually editing each transaction, I can copy paste pretty fast, but yikes, I was really hoping Cointracker would be require less of my input than this.

Thanks for sharing, @cwzens - which exchange is the CSV originally from? Let us know how we can improve for you!

Coinbase Pro

The standard Coinbase CSVs are even uglier.

Yeah, I’ve had to write scripts (using Mathematica) to convert/import csvs for some things

When it comes to Coinbase Pro, please try syncing your CoinTracker account via API or Coinbase Single-Sign On - this should resolve the issue.

If you still believe your transactions are not importing properly once you have re-synced them via API, can you share a few examples of transactions that appear to be off as well as what you believe the fees should be?

I already have my Coinbase accounts synced via API, and don’t want to re-sync unless absolutely necessary, as I have already edited many of the transactions and don’t want to have to re-do my work. Do you think starting over with a new API key will do the trick?

Here is an example with incorrect fee amounts from the Send side, and one from the receive side. I had to add or subtract the fee amount depending on which side - the balances are pretty close to what is actually in my wallet after significant editing.

Is the issue you are seeing here that the amount sent/received is not inclusive of fees? We’d love to help get this resolved for you so could you please message us on chat with permission to view your account?

@Chandan Yes, you are correct.

Ok, I’ll send a message shortly.

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I had to do the same thing. It shows the fees but are not included into the costs or proceeds. After editing it manually, how did you upload the correct amount to form 8949?

@kw131459 — once the amounts are corrected into the transaction history they will automatically be incorporated into the 8949.

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Chandan, thanks for explanation.


Is this being worked on? Cointracker still just disregards fees (both trading and blockchain fees).

Hi @tomatopotato,

We have a larger task tracked to handle this holistically (we do handle fees in many cases today) and we’ll let you know once this is ready to go.

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Has there been any progress on getting this fixed?

I saw your response here: Coinbase Pro sync doesn't include fees in Cost Basis - #10 by Chandan
Thank you.

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I’m running into this issue left and right and unfortunately with the token I’m dealing with (Helium/HNT) there are tons of little fees. I’m just realizing now that those fees weren’t changing the balance meaning that my account balance is way off.

Is there a suggested macro fix to get the balance back in order or am I going to need to go back years of data to manually change everything?

Why in the world would they ask what form the fee comes in and then not change the balance of that token? It makes no sense. Also, can you remind me where we can find the total of fees? I think I saw it somewhere and I need it to report on company expenses.