Fees not deducted from Exchange Wallets

Hello Cointracker Team,

I’m almost finished setting up my last four years transactions in Cointracker, but have noticed a bug specific to fees in manually imported exchange wallets not being deducted from the running balance. Unfortunately I have hundreds of these types of transactions across three wallets. I have a period of time that had to be manually imported for Kraken, and even though the fee shows properly on the transactions it does not get deducted from the balance. Here is an example where the balance should end up being zero:

The problem is that this balance just keeps getting higher and higher each time I transfer Bitcoin out. I also have the same issue with my manually imported Paxful and LocalBitcoins wallets. Here is the Paxful example:

I have already had to go through and do thousands of manual changes to transactions for other issues, but I’m not even really sure how to manually fix this problem since the fee shows up and is already input correctly?

Hi @LukeBlodgett,

You’re right. We are going to work to systematically update this for cases where the sent amount is not included in the “Sent Quantity” field. A short term workaround is to add the fee amount to the “Sent Quantity.”

Alright, will do…