Few questions before purchasing 2016-2019 $200 plans


I contacted livechat around Friday night, still waiting for a reply. Do I need to actually purchase the plan before getting a response in the live chat? I see live support as a green checkmark on the plan features.

Regardless, my actual questions are this.

  1. I plugged all my wallets into the site, anything further I need to do, or is it this easy?

  2. Do I need to go through and do anything with sent and received transactions? Like do I need to mark them a certain way or anything?

  3. I did arbitrage from binance to liqui.io, 6 deposits into liqui, 6 deposits back to binance. Liqui.io has shut down since, so I cant connect an api or what not. What do I do about this?


Thanks for your patience — due to a spike in recent demand we’ve been backlogged on chat based support but we will get back to you! In the meantime, here are the answers to your questions:

  1. It’s that easy! Just add all your wallets and exchanges
  2. If they are truly sent / received, then you need to do nothing. If they were in fact transfers, then you should make sure that the sending/receiving wallet on the other side of the transaction is added to CoinTracker. If they were special transactions such as gifts, donations, lost/stolen, airdrops, forks, mining, staking, etc. then you should mark them as such.
  3. You’ll need to add those transactions manually. Here’s an example of adding a withdrawal (e.g. from liqui)