Fiat $USD transfers from to SPL USDC wallet create negative balance of "USDC" in the exchange wallet on CT

Some of my transfers of USDC on to my Solana SPL wallet were being flagged as giving my account a negative balance of USDC on I had to go through and manually balance the history of my accounts by hand before I realized that the USDC on was coming directly from my balance of fiat USD on the exchange.

When you withdraw fiat USD you are given the option to send it out as a variety of wrapped USD tokens to their respective wallets and chains. FTX automatically converts it. Cointracker doesn’t seem to recognize this in the API. All it saw was USDC leaving my account and entering my Solana wallet. It knew I had a fiat USD balance and correctly saw that my balance of USDC on was 0.

I was able to fix it easily by manually adding a transaction before the transfer showing an equal exchange of USD to USDC on

Not sure if this is an easy fix for Cointracker but wanted to make sure that you’re aware. It needs to recognize that the amount of (new) “USDC” leaving the exchange specifically correlates to the equivalent value of fiat $USD being removed from the account balance at the same time.

Also please find a way to add the other “FTX” (formerly Blockfolio) portfolio wallet. They have API keys, but CSV is not available from what I see. We need to get our staking integrated with Cointracker.

[edit] I should add: The reason why it was so difficult to find the source of this account balance error is that we are unable to view the remaining balance of our fiat wallets from transaction to transaction on Cointracker. It’s a total mystery. The balance changes are visible for wallets of the various crypto assets, and of course on ETH / SPL wallets (etc). Adding this functionality to the fiat exchange balances would be huge.