Five months later and taxes filed incorrectly

Well have been trying since November of 2021 to get my UMA fixed and finally had to file my taxes showing I own no UMA but instead LUMA TOKEN (which does not exist at the GEMINI exchange). Fortunately all of the purchase dates, amounts, etc are correct, just for the wrong crypto.

THIS CAN NOT BE EDITED as when you enter UMA at GEMINI cointracker software does not allow it as it erroneously thinks UMA at GEMINI does not exist while the only option is LUMA which of course in reality does not exist at GEMINI. Strangely enough Cointracker can’t sync a crypto that does not exist at GEMINI ! Well I wonder why? Maybe UMA is a new token at Gemini, nope have had it in years past on cointracker. Maybe I am mistaken and LUMA TOKEN is the crypto I own, noooopppeee it does not even exist at the GEMINI exchange.

Maybe some genius at Cointracker changed GEMINI UMA to GEMINI LUMA so UMA is no longer even an option…by JOE we may be on to something now. Something that should be so very, very easy for support to fix but alas after five months and numerous attempts to get COINTRACKER to address it …nothing. AND SUCH AN EASY FIX.

Jessica, I got your texts this A.M. however taxes are filed for 2021 with printout of GEMINI UMA transactions along with the highlighted and date/cost matches on LUMA TOKEN as reported by COINTRACKER along with a brief note on COINTRACKER SUPPORTS lack of response on correcting this.

We did manage to get locked out of our old account ( so I kind of expected this issue to get corrected on what cointracker would have seen as a new account but…again not true. All UMA transactions at GEMINI listed on COINTRACKER as… you guessed it LUMA TOKEN again. Now of course we no longer have access to our tax records at COINTRACKER but fortunately we downloaded them prior to losing access.

After using COINTRACKER for several years and being very happy with it, this last year has been troublesome. I find it may be time to move on as COINTRACKERS support is…welll…not very good and when it comes to taxes the one thing the site exists for should be correct.

Amen to this. It’s shocking what has happened in 1 year with this company. My RNDR on Gemini doesn’t even have a value but it shows my transactions. My Nano on Binance shows up in transactions as correct but in portfolio wrong throwing all totals and cost basis off. VTHO was fine forever now its off by an entire decimal point though cointracker price page shows it fine, within my portfolio and balances its off by thousands of dollars. They hid my previous post but did respond but never followed up. In fact I have a half dozen tickets that they have responded to only to never follow up again or fix anything.

cointrackers latest review ranking. Boy are they going down hill.

-1 vote for confidence as after 5 months they still do not show the UMA I bought at GEMINI which did exist at cointracker till they arbitrarily changed it and all prior UMA transactions to LUMA TOKEN which does not exist at GEMINI and can not be changed back. You are taking a huge risk now using cointracker if they can do this and not respond to fixing it.

GEMINI UMA is no longer an editable item as it no longer exist according to cointracker. Cointracker deleted my crypto and added a purchase I did not make.

Just to clarify, cointracker took a crypto I owned and showed up on cointracker for some time, deleted it and made up a coin name and applied it to all of my transaction on my prior valid coin. Imagine, cointracker takes say all of your BITCOIN changes it to a crypto called say ROACH and changes ALL transaction you have ever done to crypto ROACH that’s buys/sells, etc so there is no existing record on their site of you ever owning any BITCOIN. As a matter of fact the site were you bought the BITCOIN according to cointrackers software does not even offer BITCOIN for sale. This is what they have done to me and in five months have done nothing to correct it. Anyone can verify GEMINI TRADES UMA AND DOES NOT TRADE ANYTHING CALLED LUMA TOKEN. Our past tax records at cointracker that we downloaded does show our UMA transactions. The current tax records on their site do not.



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Which one is right? Cointracker for tax reporting or THE GEMINI TRADING EXCHANGE? And COINTRACKER arbitrarily changed it from correct to WRONG!

Seems like the IRS would be interested in knowing why a crypto trade record keeping for tax purposes outfit would want to replace legitimate crypto transactions with fictional non existent ones for tax reporting. Further when discovered by the customer, is unwilling or unresponsive in correcting it.