Fixed: Bitcoin balances synced via xpub are being tracked as 0

Hi all,

We’re aware of an issue causing xpub synced Bitcoin (BTC) wallet addresses to track the balance as 0.

We’re actively investigating and will follow up with more information as soon as we have it. Thanks for bearing with us while we look into this.


I appreciate you being forthcoming about this issue. There are a couple of other tickets that I think it would be helpful for you to update. There are a ton of upset people who were very concerned about waking up to find zero balances.

Hey there - thanks for flagging these posts. I’ll take a look.

This issue has been fixed. The BTC balances will return to normal when the transactions are next auto-synced. You can also trigger a manual sync by heading to ‘Wallets’ and clicking ‘Sync Transactions’.

@henry Total Portfolio balance isn’t updating. I sync’d transactions. The BTC wallet shows the correct balance, but that isn’t being reflected in the total portfolio balance.

Exactly, seeing the same.

@Dip @LostInTheUniverse - sorry to hear this. The dashboard should be updating now that the issue is fixed. I anticipate that the problem here is that your accounts haven’t run a cost basis computation since re-syncing the transactions (which is what updates the dashboard).

I’m going to find your tickets in the Contact Us system and reply back there. Bear with me.

To also clarify publicly; I can indeed confirm I now see an updated dashboard. It already feels better now I see somebody is listening :slight_smile: Thanks.