Fixing Discrepancies In CoinTracker

I have discrepancies within my account of 3 different types and I’m not sure how to correct these as I’ve spent a lot of time importing and manually importing all my trades to add up. The 3 errors are as follows:

“Could not determine the cost basis of this purchase - assuming a cost basis of $0.00.”

" This ETC sale results in a negative ETC balance in Kucoin ETC Wallet. Review purchase history" It’s happening for different exchanges with different cryptos.

" No purchase history for TUSD in Exodus. Review purchase history"

How do I go about fixing these errors???, I’ve gone through and “ignored” certain transactions that seem to duplicate a + or - in the account where it shows what the amount was traded out for. Then I wait as CoinTracker recalculates the transactions but even that isn’t helping to correct these errors.

I’m including screen shot, please help.
Thank you

Hi @cryptic - thanks for reaching out.

Please ensure that you have added all your transaction history, wallets, and exchange accounts. Even if we are missing one it can throw off your calculations. Usually these errors arise when we are missing some accounts.

Additionally, you can click “Review purchase history” to go line by line and see where the error may be.

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