For send and receive amounts showing in the UI, should fees be included?

Looks like they are included in the cointracker UI after importing from Exodus, however Exodus does not seem to include the fee in the amount sent. However, I also see fee amount below in small text in cointracker UI.

Is it correct that the fees are included in the amount sent in Cointracker UI (I am guessing fees don’t apply for receiving, since you only pay fees when sending crypto)? If so this means the amount shown is not the amount receiver would ultimately receive for what you sent, but what you sent plus the fee.

Since Cointracker basically has no support team and poor documentation, we’re all on our own here. I am stuck with too many manual transactions to take a refund at this point. So I had to test this myself using a CSV wallet with two transactions. I made a wallet with one with 1 XRP incoming and one with 0.9 XRP outgoing with a 0.1 XRP fee. If I put 0.9 for the amount sent with a 0.1 XRP fee, Cointracker still says my wallet has 0.1 XRP in it as the final balance. My results show that the fees SHOULD be included in the amount sent, otherwise, they are not deducted from the wallet! Simply putting the fee alone will not deduct it from the wallet’s balance in Cointracker, the fee must be part of the amount sent (amount sent should be amount received in the other wallet plus the sender fee).

Cointracker team, please let me know when you will be sending me my paycheck for providing myself customer support.

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