Formatting on Binance CSV files

I’m kinda stuck between Cointracker & ZenLedger. Cointracker supposedly supports native Solana wallets but my Binance account won’t let me verify so I’m having to download CSV files. The Binance CSV files are essentially two records, where cointracker wants one.

Binance Format

UTC_Time Operation Coin Change
|2021-04-12 06:38:17|Buy|USDT| [Amnt Redacted]
|2021-04-12 06:38:17|Transaction Related|NEAR|[Amnt Redacted]
|2021-04-12 06:38:17|Buy|USDT|[Amnt Redacted]
|2021-04-12 06:38:17|Transaction Related|NEAR|[Amnt Redacted]

Cointracker basically wants me to turn these four records into two (would result in completely re-doing the binance spreadsheet by hand which is unfeasible.) Am I missing something here? I would really love native SOL support but I can’t figure out how I am going to do this binance import.

This really isn’t Binance support & it feels like I’m missing something.