Forte hedge

Has anyone here have used or expeienced
My portfolio is being hijack by fortehedge by initially asking 35k for a unique tax code to be generated for tax puposes and once I paid that they are now again asking for 9k for gas fee. It seems to have a lot of money on my cointracker portfolio but for some reason they refused to use it to pay for the gas fee. They said that I can not withdraw unless I pay the gas fee. But I am scared to pay them as I am no longer 100% sure if they are a legitimate company. Can someone or anybody please help.

I am not a spam. Let people know the truth to avoid scam.

I haven’t. Please avoid Fortehedge. My supposed broker Barry Lee has deleted his FB page.

I did email you but unfortunately it says undeliverable.

My email is


Thank you for your reply.

May I know who you are and what you do.



I did try to email you but it was undeliverable.

E mail me.

Hey @rliwanen.

Erin from CoinTracker here. So sad to hear this has happened to you.

I would not ever communicate with someone claiming to be a “broker” or similar via Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social channels. No reputable or legitimate company will use these direct message channels to communicate with their clients.

Scammers like this abuse CoinTracker in their efforts to steal unsuspecting investors crypto. Sadly, by the time the scammer is using CoinTracker against our terms of service, the person being scammed has already sent their funds and most crypto transactions are near-impossible to reverse.

I strongly encourage you to report any theft of your crypto to your local authorities and retain all communication from the scammer for evidence. You can see more safety tips for protecting your crypto in our blog post here.

Thank you. I already reported them to the police. I am just hoping that cointracker to black list so that it can no longer use your platform with their unscrupulous behaviour.

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