Free now limited to 5 wallets?! And dashboard is stuck now

It seems recently you can no longer use the free plan if you have more than 5 wallets. Most of the prices are not updating at all on my dashboard now. Please fix this. The dashboard should not be effected just due to being on a free plan.

Edit: From the other thread, it seems this isn’t a free account issue but a system wide issue.


Agreed. I posted my issue here too. This is a system-wide issue that I noticed around Friday. So much for being a paid customer for their monthly performance package.

Hey ya’ll! We had a temporary issue where prices were frozen briefly. We’ve resolved this issue and put in place protections to prevent this from happening again in the future.

This issue will not impact your tax or portfolio calculations.

Our Free portfolio plan has been limited to 5 wallets for as long as I’ve been with the team, however. This is not a recent change. :slight_smile:

Thanks Thomas. Appericate your response.

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My dashboard is showing 80% gains on PAXG and 154% gains on COMP and 102% gains on LINK. The unrealized gains is wrong for some reason. It’s as if it’s taking a zero cost basis. I manually went through my transactions and can’t find where the problem is. This just randomly started happening a week or so ago.