Frequent Staking Manual Entry Best Practice

I would like to know best practices for making manual entries of staking rewards. In my case I am staking on the Theta blockchain, but this could relate to any other unsupported chain that provides staking rewards, particularly those that provide frequent staking distributions.

In the case of Theta, my node wallet receives small staking rewards multiple times per hour. This frequency makes it impractical to manually enter every transaction. In the absence of an automated system, the only feasible option I can see is to create larger less frequent transactions manually that represent the accumulated rewards for a given time period.

The problem with that comes when there is a large price swing during the time period, which I believe will result in an inaccurate cost basis (for tax purposes).

Is there a different strategy that I am missing?

Obviously Cointracker has to draw the line somewhere concerning which chains to fully support and which not. I guess I’d just like to emphasize that chains with more frequent transactions provide a stronger use case for full support, even if they are lower market cap.

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Thanks for the request. Long term solution is that we’ll work on supporting THETA blockchain. In the meantime, you can bulk upload CSV imports of all your activity and adding the “staked” tag on all the staking rewards to bulk import them.

@chandan - this applies to safemoon as well. is this being addressed for the BSC chain? How about BNB staking distributions, which aren’t individually captured accept in aggregate (not helpful for tax reporting)? Are these things being addressed?

@sparella - i have a similar problem with both Safemoon and BNB in trust wallet. for the BNB staking rewards, there doesn’t appear to be any transaction record on the block chain (my wallet balance just magically increases, with no transactions reflected on the chain to explain how/when the increase occurred). Any thoughts on how/where to see the record of staking distributions via the blockchain? (in this case, binance chain or BSC)