Gain Calculation Wrong

In the Wallets tab, I selected my exchange (Bittrex) in the left side pane. Then I selected a crypto coin on the right pane.

A list of transactions appears for this crypto coin. I have one trade that shows a gain of $124.54 (in the middle section at the bottom of the trade area) in a green rectangle. I think this gain calculation is wrong.

In the middle pane, just above from where the gain is reported, the cost basis is shown for the purchase of the coin. In this case $ 1,063.50.

In the right pane, at the bottom of the transaction area, another cost basis is shown as $ 1,188.04 and above this number, and in much larger fonts, a 1,335 USDT figure shows.

If I bought it for $ 1,063 and sold it for 1,335 USDT, should my gain be 1,335=1,063 approximately? 272 instead of the reported gain of 127?

I am sure I am missing something in this calculation. I believe it is the selling cost basis. Why it is so low, 1,188 instead of 1,335?

Thanks so much.

Are you using universal FIFO cost basis in your settings?