Gains on trade for Binance throwing up totally incorrect numbers

OK so I’m not sure whats going on, but a lot of my trades are reporting ridiculous gains in CoinTracker that just dont align with reality. for example:

These are just plain false. There was no way gains of almost $300 for those trades. I was literally converting the crypto I had into another and it did NOT jump that much. I wish it did, but it didnt.

Do I have to remove the binance wallet entirely and try and resync? If i total all of these gains and losses my total gains ends up at about $2000 and thats ridiculous. I made $200.

Hi @Kamran,

Do you mind contacting us directly so that we can take a look at your account? We’d first check with cost basis method you are using (e.g. LIFO/HIFO/FIFO/etc.) and then if there are any data gaps.