Imports Failing

I have tried tried to import my wallets from the exchange with the API keys and all I get is the wallet totals. The transactions fail. I have removed the exchange and tried the process again only to encounter the same results.

How do we resolve this problem?


I’m also having the same issue. Additionally, Gate.IO CSV imports are also failing. I’d like to have complete tax documents and this is a deal-breaker for me.

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Also struggling with I can see the wallet totals but not the transactions. I am actually looking for a new portfolio tracker/tax service because of this.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention — we’re tracking the issue here and we’ll let you know as soon as it is resolved.

I don’t see an update here. I’m also having the same problem (with not updating). Has this been resolved?? Thank you!

Please fix this. I got the original issue of totals coming in and balance but no transactions. Also, now has a apiv2 (which is what your site links to) and an apiv4. I tried v4 and it failed altogether.

Now, v2 fails altogether for me as well, I have deleted the original wallet and tried again with both versions and both give a failed error.

Maybe helpful to look into v4 integrations, but not sure if that stuff is covered here already. I’ve not got into margins and futures etc… but:

I am also having this problem. Where is customer support? No one is answering anymore and issues are piling up.

I removed the exchange and re-added it. After doing that I got an import failed message and only the coin balances were shown on the Wallet page. None of the transactions were imported.

There is a serious problem with customer support not responding. Issues are piling up and getting no answers. How can you continue to operate like this and take paying customers’ money? I’m a paying customer and demand change. Customer support is included in my subscription and you are not delivering.

This is now working for me. I contacted and within a day the import was working. Not sure who’s side this was on but it appears to be working now. You may need to update your APIv2 key and re-sync. If that doesn’t work, try removing the exchange and re-adding it.