v4 API Not Working

Hi - I added my account into my wallets following the instructions here - Integrating with APIv4 keys | CoinTracker Help Center

It starts to sync, and a few minutes later, shows that is has ‘Never updated’, and the transactions are not shown in my waller. Has anyone got this to work?


Having the same issue! Not a great time to not be able to see your transactions, huh?! I was able to get a current account balance, but no transactions imported.

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Same here. Send an email to support and waiting for reply!

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Same problem here. I deleted the old V2 one like the instructions said after adding V4 and found out that it’s missing the other half of a bunch of buys/sells, so mine is out of date and thinks I have a bunch of negative wallet balances.

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Bumping this up. Admin, any chance this is going to get worked out? Pretty frustrating that no transactions are updating now after we’ve followed the recommended advice.


Same here … I am not getting transactions from Gate IO or Kucoin , just top level information.

Please help

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Anyone can help? @Chandan @taylor-ct

We followed your to newest help center post but still no transaction sync’d up for the V4 api.

Also, I have been sending out follow up-emails for the past 2 weeks. No one from the support team replied yet.

The v4 API worked for me yesterday

We fixed some issues with v4 yesterday so if you haven’t tried since then please give it another shot! Sorry for the troubles.

Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!