*Gemini Earn* Problem - Balance not showing, etc

Is there an update on this problem? I’ve staked BTC in Gemini Earn and my balances are totally inaccurate despite my going in and manually adjusting the transactions and transfers. It seems Cointracker can’t track the Gemini Earn transfers, and to compound the problem CT is pulling the “actual” Gemini BTC wallet balances directly from the API, as opposed to actually following my manual transactions and transfers, so it’s showing no balance in CT and will show as “sales”. Big problem. Thus the only work-around this as far as I can tell is delete the wallet, and try to upload a file with the Gemini transactions. However, every time I try to upload a file, I get the “failing to parse this CSV” no matter what. So if I can’t use the Gemini API, can’t use my public BTC address (because it’ll show the transfers as “sends”), can’t upload a file to manually create a Gemini wallet, what are my options? Any thoughts? I need to get this fixed asap.


Probably goes without saying, but this issue also makes “Performance” and other portfolio and wallet tracking on Cointracker useless.


Anyone has a resolution for this? I’ve got the same issue, Gemini showing as zero now

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Same issue here. I looks like the system is trying to track it, categorizing it as a “Send” and labeling it “Sent to address Genesis Outbound Account” however the cost basis is then missing. So I mark it as a transfer and add a note. Would be nice to have a more programmatic solution than manual steps.

I don’t think Gemini Earn is supported at the moment. There’s a feedback idea to add the functionality that can be upvoted. Gemini Earn | Integrations | CoinTracker


Just for the sake of calling things correction, you aren’t “staking” bitcoin, you’re lending the funds to Gemini who pays you interest.

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I’m evaluating CoinTracker and like the features but I’m having this issue as well. I’m pretty surprised this is not supported given Geminis popularity and is pretty important to make this tool valuable.

Any updates on this, support has been completely unresponsive when I email?