Gemini Import ignoring coins with longer than 3 letters

Hi, I’m not entirely sure the title is the issue, but it’s certainly something I noticed.

To summarize, I tried importing my Gemini transactions, and it ignored both AAVE and STORJ transactions. (Edit: to be clear, it was the automatic import/sync through the API key)

Not sure if its just a coincidence, but happened to notice they were the only coins in my portfolio longer than 3 letters, and I could see how that might cause import problems.

Just wanted to bring it up, and thanks in advance if it is fixed!

Astute observation! We’re going to take a look and let you know as soon as we have an update here.

Thanks for the update Chandan!

On a related note, I also noticed that similarly, some transactions, also with four-letter coins, are being parsed strangely.

For example, COMP/USD pair is being read as COM/PUSD.


Sounds like you are on to something. We will investigate

The same thing is happening with LINK on Gemini

Thanks for letting us know — we’re tracking this issue here.