Gemini not Syncing

Gemini Exchange not syncing for the last 5 days. Can you fix?


Same here. My coin balances are correct but the transactions have not been syncing.


Same as well. This going to be fun when we have to report interest for 2021. If we manually enter in the interest transactions, it will double up the earned balance.

This means that in order to track the Gemini correctly, we manually enter everything or else it will double up there balance from earned interest!


Who else have a Gemini account? Are they syncing or not with CoinTracker?

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Same. My account has not been working for over 14 days. How can we get this fixed?

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Same issue here, anyone have a fix? Or hear anything from support?


Same, My transactions have not updated in two weeks, pretty unacceptable from cointracking just before tax season starts. What’s going on?


Created a new api, reconnected it and it’s still not loading transactions, in my case for “Terra Luna” (Balances are correct) from Gemini Exchange. I emailed support and still have not heard back.


Hey Cointracker,

You have to fix this. There are trades on production halt for 2 weeks now. At least respond to this post. We are near year end. Many of us have fiscal year end vs calendar year end to close our books.
The same problem happened to Coinbase and you were able to fix it.

Any other users having the same issue or no issue?

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I have emailed yet again asking for support for this issue and yes evidently paying for “assistant” which is supposed to include email does nothing either.

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Thankfully I haven’t paid for this garbage. You guys can’t just let a critical issue like this fall through the cracks.

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What are some alternatives to Cointracker? I’ve emailed, tweeted, and posted on forums without any response. As a paying customer, I think its time to find a different solution.

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Not one Gemini transaction is being downloaded at all now.

Support apparently doesn’t understand crypto and just sends you back to the F.A.Q.

This is insane, how is this not like a huge priority.

This is the exact email that they sent back to me in regards to the transactions not being downloaded from Gemini’s API .

“Generally, missing transactions can be caused by the following:
When was the exchange or wallet last synced?
Are the API credentials correct?
Check the “Other Transactions” wallet and manual transactions
Is the exchange API operational?
Is the wallet address correct?”

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Also experiencing this issue. I’m a paying customer and have emailed support but they haven’t replied. Completely ridiculous. Has the CoinTracker team just given up at this point?

Adding myself to this thread. Transactions from Gemini do not work, stopped suddenly.

I deleted and then added a Gemini wallet using a new API key, my coins and their balances came over but I got an error message and not one transaction is shown. The Dashboard says it’s still importing” and sits there.

Obviously, this makes the site utterly useless. I used this same API over at Koinly and it works perfectly, imported all transactions without issue and I’m up and running there.

Support hasn’t responded to my mails. I guess they don’t care about Gemini users,

Please provide an update ASAP, CoinTracker team!

@thomas Any updates on when Gemini will be fixed? this is costing people money at this point with not having the ability to see cost, etc.

Thank you all for participating in this thread and keeping important issues at the top of our focus!

First, for everyone who submitted support ticket(s) about this issue and have not heard back from our team, our sincerest apologies. We are experiencing a tremendous volume of support requests and are doing everything we can to improve response times and make sure you’re all heard and your issues are addressed quickly and to your satisfaction. When we fall short of those goals, it’s frustrating and disappointing all around. Thank you all for your patience as we scale (and improve) our support experience and products.

Our engineering team is actively working on a fix for this issue. We have a partial fix that has already been deployed (this should resolve the majority of issues), with a full fix incoming within the next 24-48 hours. We will keep this thread updated!

If you have any other questions or issues with Gemini, please feel free to add them here and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

Brianna B.
CoinTracker Support

Gemini transactions work for me now!

Transactions came through but for some reason “Gemini LUNA Wallet” only pulled 1 send to another wallet but no actual transactions.