Get in touch with Cointracker Support

I purchased the wrong tax year and wrote to the Cointracker support several days ago and a few days ago again. No answer yet. Is this normal? Is there any other way to get in touch with Cointracker?

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Ive got similar issues too and ive been emailing for over a month and no response. Its getting a little ridiculous

I wrote again today :-/

Y’all aren’t the only ones. Hopefully Chandan and the gang get it together here soon. April will be here before we know it.

I emailed them and we are now going on to 12 days with no response.

This really sucks! And idea what we can do about it? Tool looks actually pretty nice but if the customer assistance is so bad I go looking somewhere else.

I’ve also had a similar issue and not head anything in over a week from support. I am starting to think this product isn’t maintained anymore so might cancel and switch to another tool

I’m waiting too. Yet they’re tweeting at folks - WTF:

Support seems to be very slow. Offering crypto tax solutions is great but I would rather they focused on correcting the bugs in the portfolio tracking first. How can they calculate taxes if the portfolio/transactions are not correct?!

Some responses from the team would be good to help build/maintain confidence in this product.

Thank you all for your incredible patience as we scale up to deal with unprecedented support. We are answering tickets around the clock, hiring more support staff, and we will get back to all of you on every single request you have outstanding (including honoring refund requests).

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Chendan, thats good to hear. But it would be even better to see support cases solved. How many open requests are there and how long will it take to solve them with your actual support staff? My initial request was very simple (bought wrong tax year) and could be solved by two mouse clicks. Question is: Will you be able to do these clicks this month, this quarter, this year?

Thanks for your patience, we will do them this week!