GNT to GLM Conversion

The program is pulling GNT from etherscan wallets and GLM from Binance. GNT converted to GLM during the year. No price is pulling for GNT and it is not recognizing this and a transfer of the token from ether wallet to Binance. It is also causing the transfers of GNT to not match up. See screenshot.

This is happening because GNT swapped contract addresses. We’re working on an automated fix for these. In the meantime, you can edit these transactions to select the correct GNT with a token icon and that should resolve the issue.

i am making all of these GLM but when the fix is launched will it automatically fix this so i no longer have 2 transactions, 1 disabled, and 1 edited?

If you go with the short term fix, it will stay the way you have it manually edited (no further action required). Once we resolve this however we’ll let you know and if you prefer to undo the manual edits, you’ll be able to do so at that time.

Is there an ETA on the fix? I have alot of transactions to change so might not fix if it will be soon

We don’t have an exact ETA for this but you can follow this issue for updates.