Golem not showing up on Coinbase Pro Wallet

I have some Golem Coins in Coinbase Pro, but it is not showing up on CoinTracker. I even updated the API key and let it update again, and I got the same result. One potential reason for the problem could be that Coinbase has Golem abbreviated as GNT, and Cointracker has it as GLM.

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I had the same problem.
Golem went through a swap to ERC-20 token a couple of months ago, and since then Coinbase does not recognise the GNT token any more.
My solution was to go through all my Golem transactions (fortunately there were not too many!) and change the token symbol from GNT to GLM
I would prefer if Coinbase would recognise this properly. I imagine it might be difficult for it to distinguish between a change in token symbol from a capital disposal and purchase of a similarly-named token.

Yeah, I don’t really want to deal with that. Just sold the coin and bought more ETH. Problem solved.

This problem has morphed into a different one. Cointracker was missing these transactions entirely; now it’s picking them up but associating them with a coin called GreenTrust, which apparently uses the GNT symbol. Is someone working on this?

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