Gross/net fee differences for detected transfers vs. manually-marked transfers (and ordinary "sends")?

If I transfer ETH from one of my wallets to another and CoinTracker accurately classifies this as a transfer, then it marks the “sent” amount as gross of fees (that is, the fee gets included there), and the “received” amount as net of fees. This is in line with what I’ve seen Chandan recommend in a few different contexts here.

However, let’s say something is showing up as “sent” and I go to manually mark as transfer. Suppose for example that I was sending 1 ETH with a fee of 0.1 ETH from wallet A that CoinTracker is tracking. [So at the end of the transfer, wallet A will have 1.1 fewer ETH than when we started]. For whatever reason, CoinTracker initially shows this as “sent” with a sent value of 1, and a fee of 0.1 [so the sent value is NET of fees, not gross of fees]. What’s up with that? Anyway, when I then “mark as transfer,” it still shows the sent value as net of fees.

Should I manually edit the sent value to make it gross of fees in order to better match the way automatically-detected transfers are treated? Why the inconsistency with when the sent amount is showing up as gross/net of fees in the first place? These wrinkles make me more anxious re: whether cointracker is going to be computing more important things correctly later (e.g. at tax filing time). :-/

Thanks as always.