Half the buttons on main page not functioning

Hi Guys,
About a month or more ago I noticed that hardly any of the buttons seem to work for me.
I can no longer click on my profile and see a list.
The wallet, portfolio, taxes arrow does not make a list appear.
Add wallet works sometimes but i have to keep trying closing browser and try again until it works.

I am using google chrome.
Is there a preferred browser to use? Or heard of this before and know how to get it working again?
The only button that works on the screen is the “See all assets” button but it just leads me to a blank page after it loads.
Any advice? thanks

Hi @micko_84,

This is really strange and we’ve never heard of this happening before. Could you try in an incognito window or another browser? The most likely reason this would occur is if there is a browser extension you may have that is blocking part of the website’s functionality.

Thanks for the reply Chandan,

Incognito did not prove any benefit.
I logged in using Brave browser and all works perfectly as it did.
Though just now chrome started working correctly again in normal mode (which it hasn’t for months).
I’m going to guess this is something to do with my system and the add blockers I run, I didn’t even think about that. Thank you again always to prompt to reply!

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