HEADER not showing

I’m pissed… this software sucks! Just paid $159 for NOTHING. Same problem “header not showing.” i want my goddamn money back, this shit is a scam for sure. No customer service, no recourse, just another garbage product by another garbage company that keeps it users at a distance and won’t offer refunds when the service just flat out doesn’t work. I’m going to spend as much time as possible telling people to not use CoinTracker whatsoever, and to not use TurboTax or day and swing trade on Coinbase either, because nothing gets aggregated properly come tax time between these 3 platforms and I have fucking had enough, good day to you all, thanks for reading

Well… the cointracker issues have nothing to do with turbotax or coinbase. I know you’re angry, and I support that when it comes to to the real spotty customer service people are seeing with cointracker… but… don’t unload on the whole ecosystem.

Are you good to go though, are your taxes done? If not… maybe we can help you. I’m not sure what all I can do for that particular error but, if you want to explain a bit further I’ll try my best :slight_smile:

Hope things worked out one way or another - no doubt crypto taxes are a very stressful adventure…