Help me understand why losses occur when sending to wallets or trading to a different coin

Hi, new to tracking transactions and could use some help understanding how losses are calculated when sending crypto to another wallet.

I sent from one Coinbase wallet to another 10 ADA … I get the $.29 fee but not the $-8.34 loss. Somehow I lost $8 on a ~$15 send to another wallet? Doesn’t seem good : /

Another example was a trade from Bitcoin to Litecoin… I don’t see why there’s such a big loss (-$92). I do see the loss equals the difference of the two cost basis numbers… does that mean when I traded those two coins, the price of each coin was lower than when I acquired them?

Also in that example was another transfer of Litecoin to another wallet from Coinbase that has a -$41.87 loss… Does that mean the price of Litecoin at the time of transfer was lower than when I acquired it?

Thanks for any guidance you can give this the noob. : )

was there a fee associated with the btc/ltc trade?
is your settings set to fifo (first in first out)? if so then it should be correct - more so if there was a long period between trades where market pricing for pairs and etc has changed