Help with negative balance error

Hey guys! I have a question. This is driving me INSANE. I’ve tried everything and don’t know how to fix it. So I keep getting “This QFT sale results in a negative QFT balance in BNB Wallet …b1d56f”.

Which is true because as you can see in the trade, I swapped all my QFT token for Baby Doge, and then the same again with PUN token. Which left my balance of both at zero. Yep, fine. So what’s the problem?? Why is it marked as an error that it’s at 0 now? I’m aware it results in a negative balance. This was done on purpose. I purposefully swapped all of one token for another so why is it making it seem like it’s an error that I have to fix???

Bump. Anyone? Where is the support? Cointracker is a joke. I was going to purchase this to make my crypto taxes for this year but I think I’ve changed my mind. There is no support. A email I sent also hasn’t been replied to in a week.