Help with reporting end-of-year cost basis for financial statement?

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out the cost basis, unrealised gains and realised gains for each of our different crypto assets (e.g. BTC, ETH, RSR, ZEC, DOT etc.)

I can see how the tax centre allows us to download the realised Capital Gains CSV in any one tax year. That is useful and straight forward.

Is there a similar feature or approach to download a csv (or similar) for the cost basis of the remaining holdings and their corresponding unrealised gains?

Our tax accountant in Australia needs to mark-up the cost-basis of all our crypto investments at 30 June each year and ideally include them at their buy price per purchase-tranche.

We run as a company and so the investments sit as “trading stock” on our balance sheet and are included as part of our annual financial statements.

See how it is somewhat available through the Tax Loss Harvesting Beta page shown below (though depicted as an average, rather than broken down into purchase-tranches and not downloadable)

The performance / portfolio view shows the cost basis info too, but again does not break it down by purchase-tranches and is not downloadable.

We have tried playing with the Transaction History CSV, but it is challenging to match and group each of the transactions to determine the cost basis.

Any assistance or suggestions on how we can access that data would be fantastic!



Hi @mtbullerlabs,

We are planning on adding a feature showing tax lot breakdowns and we’ll let you know once that is available.