How are fees included in Transactions

Any body know how this works?

For example I got 1.19 SOL on an exchange and I withdrew it to a wallet with a fee of .01 SOL.

By default when API pulled the transaction it like this:

But should it really look like this?

Does the fee automatically become deducted and original sent balance already reflects that?

I currently have a lot of “review purchase history” and “transfer results in negative balance” errors and man are they ever frustrating.

Thanks for any help


I noticed this with Coinbase. I think it depends. If I buy coins the fees are deducted from the total I’ve entered. However, if I purchased goods and services using Coinbase directly, it adds the additional fees to the original purchase (at point of sale) or just before scanning code.

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So I might have provided the above example for default incorrectly as I was trying to present an example to the best of my knowledge.

I did discover something that leads me to believe that the paid/sent/withdrawn transaction is the total sent + the fee where as the bought/received/deposited is just the amount being sent without the fee included.

My xpub address for btc has been wonky and not pulling the correct data, even adding transactions I never made which truly makes no sense to me. Anyways in an effort to fix this I’m attempting to just import all transactions from my wallet manually with a csv.

I edited the csv to Cointracker format and included all my fees in the fee column for all my withdrawals. Upon uploading to a test account the balance did not reflect the actual amount in the wallet, it was several satoshis higher.

I was stumped, but then subtracted the amount my new csv was totaling from what the balance actually shows in my wallet. I then added all my withdrawal fees together and they were the same amount down to the satoshi. So the fees were adding that amount to my total held and not actually being factored in the amount being sent.

How I fixed it was by adding the fee amount to the sent amount and then my total balance was displayed correctly in Cointracker. in my experience it appears you need to add the fee to the amount sent for CT to calculate it properly.

Here is an example I made up:

So is this how it always will be with every transaction both for API and for manual imports?
A little confirmation please? @Chandan @thomas

If I knew this ahead of time I think I wouldn’t have so many discrepancies in my portfolio. Man I’ve got a lot more back tracking to do to get this right. I have manually imported so many coins this way, now I need to go back and fix them all.

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That is very good to know. I have been having issues with my transactions as well. I’ve gone and manually updated the transactions however when my wallet syncs it undoes all of my work. This is very frustrating. I hoped this tracker would actually be beneficial but like you said its becoming a lot of extra work. Not sure how I will tackle my problem

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