How do gas fees work on exchanges and purchases?

I read in one of your articles that Gas fees on sales and dispositions are deducted from proceeds.

Is the same true for exchanging one asset for another? How do gas fees from purchases get applied to my taxes?

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Gas fees is a cost when you purchase. It should be added to the principal cost to arrive at a net cost. When there is a sale. It is deducted from the proceeds. Can someone at CoinTracker confirm this is happening in the program? Perfect example is if a transactions fails and you are charged a gas fee. This gas fee should be treated as a loss. Correct?

You are changing it from one asset to another. This means you sold one asset which you received your proceeds less the gas fees. The amount from the sale , you will receive a new asset. The new asset will have its own cost basis.
So if you own like a real estate property. You are going to incur an expense such as repair expense. This repair expense is treated as a deduction against the income. Gas expense operates the same way.
Any other folks have an opinion?