How do I find my balance at a past date?

I’m for my balance at the end of a previous financial year. How can I view my balance on a particular date?
This is possible at, a free service.

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I haven’t purchase a tax report yet, but I assume the report includes this information. However, there’s a way to manually get the figure you’re looking for without buying a tax report.

If you go to Performance, on the top right hand corner (just above the chart) you’ll see an option called View portfolio as of where you can select a date to see a snapshot for that date. If you select the last day of a given tax/financial year, you’ll see your balance (and other info) for that date.


Thanks Macrike :slight_smile: You are right, it is in the Performance section.

Hey @Macrike, thanks for helping out @dan!

As a way of saying thank you, we’d love to give you some CoinTracker credit towards the purchase of any tax plan. Can you Direct Message me so that we can get those over to you?

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