How do we get correct tax records

How do I get correct tax records for this year when you guys renamed my UMA to LUMA. I do not own LUMA and cannot get you guys to correct it (i.e. put it back as UMA) so I can get correct tax records. This is the first year you guys have messed up my crypto at tax time. Again, I have NEVER owned LUMA nor is a crypto called LUMA available at GEMINI. The amount of LUMA is correct but it is NOT LUMA, it is UMA !

I’ve had two coins, NIO to NIOX and AGI to AGIX that Cointracker handled seamlessly after a couple months. Recently Nunet (NTX), a coin launched in Dec 2021 is halfway mixed up with another coin with the same symbol. In a few more weeks, I’ll run another report (I hope the Form 8949 updates itself?). There is a way to edit the transaction change the coin name, but then you need the option to update the cost basis. At least one coin that wasn’t tracked through a staking contract I’ll have to “Ignore” all the transactions and turn in Capital Gains to my accountant separately. Another time, the mismatch was still so close to my calculations that my accountant just put “estimated” next to it.