How is a BlockFI account added?

How is a BlockFI account added for tracking?

Hi @Cryptocrat — we are working on adding an integration with the BlockFi team but they haven’t made this information available to us just yet. In the meantime do you have a CSV of your BlockFi transactions that we could help you import manually?

To help us accelerate the integration, please feel free to email requesting that they integrate with CoinTracker.

Thank you! Will do…Looking forward to BlockFi integration availability. I’ll enter a request on their end as well.

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Good news! I’m able to track using Cointracker by simply adding the public wallet addresses.

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…Using this method of adding the public addresses isn’t showing the correct cost basis now.

…synced the wallets. Correct amounts are showing and cost basis is good now. Thanks!


Hi @Cryptocrat,

BlockFi is now integrated with CoinTracker.