How to account for staking?

I’ve started staking with a new crypto service called HEX (it’s fantastic btw!)
I’m not sure how this is accounted for - any thoughts on this (ideally from a UK HMRC perspective). With HEX staking the principal is locked for a period of time I decided and during that time the stake will earn interest which is paid when the stake ends.
Also during the launch phase there was no airdrop, but rather a sort of “lottery” type approach where you flipped ETH into a daily bucket and at the end of each day, depending on how many people had flipped ETH determined how much HEX you’d “win” that day - that could then be staked as mentioned before.

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I am also staking DOT over at Kraken. It doesn’t show up because its not in a wallet over there. Is there a way to manually track it in Cointracker?


Not an ideal solution, but I created an imaginary token and manually enter a trade to that coin in the same wallet. So, e.g. if I am staking a token called COIN I would create a token called COINx and do a manual edit to swap COIN for COINx whenever I start staking. Then, when the staking period is over I have to manually swap back to redeem from COINx to COIN, and then do a separate entry for the earned COIN.
As I said; not an ideal solution, but you should end up with the original amount plus the earned amount, and a zero value for the amount of the imaginary token.
I hope that CoinTracker comes up with a better solution, but maybe this will help in the meantime.
Marley Graham

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We are tracking a feature request for Kraken staking and HEX staking and we’ll let you know as soon as these are available.


Also trying to mark/update Staking transactions from my Atomic Wallet. Any guidance is welcomed.

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As a short-term workaround, you can mark transactions where you are sending to stake to receiving to unstake as transfers. Staking rewards can also be tagged as such.

The problem that I was addressing was keeping track of the actual value of the tokens, which is obscured when tokens are staked; they are removed from the wallet but don’t show up anywhere else. Marking the staking as Transfers to “Other Transactions”, and then marking the unstaked tokens as Transfers back from “Other Transactions” would allow one to keep track of the assets OK. But that gets messy if you are dealing with multiple tokens being staked, because the “Other Transactions” wallet gets really full really quickly. Also, you have to remember which unstaking transaction goes with which staking transaction, and manually separate the unstaked amount into “Redeemed Stake” and “Staking Rewards”.

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@marleyg fair point. We’re tracking both adding staking support for popular wallets (let us know which ones you would like to see added!) and also the ability to add multiple manual wallets.

First in line would be Nexo (and include tracking for loans and repayments). Next would be Celsius and BlockFi.

Thanks for the requests! We’ve upvoted them for you:


Glad to hear that. All three are pretty important to lots of users.

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Thanks for bringing this up… Neither my Kucoin or Gemini staking / earn assets are accounted for when importing. Feels like a pretty major glitch. Frustrating after jumping through all the hurdles to get this set up. Hopefully they fix this soon.


Neither my Kucoin or Gemini staked assets show up. Thanks.

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Also hoping to have KuCoin support for staked USDT.
I’m pretty new and could be wrong, but I was thinking it doesn’t show up because it wouldn’t be considered capital gains. Coins earned from staking (from what I’ve read) is reported as regular income. From the desktop login, KuCoin shows me pretty clearly the total I have earned from staking, I’ll probably just claim that as income unless cointracker has a better solution. Thanks!
… Follow up, I just watched the Cointracker youtube video titled: “How to manually track staking transactions on CoinTracker”. It seems like the best option is to just manually add a transaction and mark it as staked reward, it shows you in the video.

I have coins staked via the MetaMask wallet and Binance Smart Chain wallet. All of these staking transactions can be tracked via Etherscan and BSC Scan sites. Why can’t Cointracker pull transactions from those based on the wallet address?

But wait…how?? that’s the problem i have…I don’t see how you can find bnb staking rewards on the chain. My public address shows the correct new amount ( increasing as I receive staking rewards), but when I click on the transactions link within the explorer, it only shows my original deposit transactions to the wallet…no history of how much i earned and when.

I really need this for my bnb staking in TW.

Any updates on this? I just send a bunch of MultiVAC (MTV) coins for staking – not sure how to account for these in Do I just mark then as transfer? What about when the coins get returned with rewards?

How do I account for this?

Look forward to hearing back.

Thanks - Derek