How to account for staking?

I have been waiting since day 1 of my first staking to see resolution of this issue. My “fix” is to mark the staking as Transfer to the same wallet & then mark Ignore. Then, when unstaking I have to split the transaction into an Unstaked portion (the amount of the original staking) which I then mark Ignore, and a second portion (the remainder) which I then mark as Staking Rewards. It is a pain, but I don’t know a better way to keep track of everything.

Marley Graham

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Hi - Curious if there were any new updates? Would like to include to the staking tracker. Thanks!

hoping for some guidance here…
question ab tracking staking transaction…
in my ie:
im staking ohm (so Ohm to sOhm) and when i import my wallet, it finds the staking transaction which is great! - again: from Ohm to sOhm (staked Ohm)
but does the system know that this is a staking transaction?
if i click the arrow to the right of the transaction to mark it as a transfer or staking… i dont get any options to add that markup… any ideas on why im not seeing that or able to edit as staking or transfer??
please see screenshots…

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Staking rewards are assigned a cost basis $1241 depending on when they were received. So, looking at your screenshot, it looks correct for accounting-use even if it doesn’t say “Staking Reward”. Holding staking rewards is not a taxable event. Selling your rewards at $2,000 would give you a $759 gain that is taxable.