How to add a Trezor wallet I formatted?

I think my taxes and performance history are incorrect due to not adding an old Trezor wallet that I used to transfer some funds between coinbase. I formatted the wallet and no longer have the recovery seed, however I can see all of the transactions to and from it on cointracker. The problem is they are marked as “send/receive” instead of transfer. Can I just go through those and manually mark them as “Transfer” and I should be good? Or, do I need to tell cointracker to ignore all the existing transactions, then manually add this old wallet by adding it to cointracker as a new wallet(s) using the wallet addresses (I used a new address for every transaction), and then mark those new transactions as “transfer?”

Hi @sbrobin,

Best solution: add your Trezor

Back-up solution (if you always moved your assets from exchange → Trezor → back to exchange and never did anything else with them): mark all the sends and receives as transfers