How to add BSC side of Metamask to Cointracker?

Hi, I’m new to Cointracker and I would need Cointracker to keep track of my Metamask wallet’s Binance smart chain side of things. I’ve added the Metamask ETH wallet already, but how do I add the BSC wallet? Thanks!


Thanks for the request! We’re tracking this feature here. In the meantime, if you need an immediate solution, you can still add these transactions via manual entry or CSV upload.

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Thanks for the answer! How many votes will this feature need to be implemented? And how likely do you think it is that it will be added this year?

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Hi @eka,

We don’t have an exact ETA but we basically strongly use upvotes as a signal of which features to prioritize for the community, so the more upvotes, the more likely it is for the feature to get prioritized sooner.

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I am a fee-paying monthly member.

This ask needs to be taken very seriously. Ether gas fees are making retail traders switch to bsc based platforms in huge numbers. I was paying $100-$200 USD gas fees for trans on uniswap but when I switched to a bsc-based network, that dropped to under 30 cents per trans.

I now find a major hole in my dashboard, in that all my bsc trans are missing. That’s not acceptable for a portfolio tracking solution that I am paying for.

I was planning on using CoinTracker to calculate my taxes too but not incorporating the bsc network is a major hole.

If a trader uses your software for tax support but does not realize bsc support is missing, that could open them up to huge trouble with the IRS. So this feature being missing is putting your users in a dangerous situation if they don’t spot this…

Unless bsc network support is implemented, I will be forced to move away from CoinTracker which is a major shame because your dashboard, UI and daily emails are fantastic.

Also, this implementation must surely be very straightforward. An investor’s bsc trans are all available in bscscan. So your etherscan-based code could simply be pointed at bscscan.


I agree — this is pretty essential for anyone in defi / dex farms and pools. Needed! please.


Hello - this is an older post but I have the same need to add the Binance side of Metamask to Cointracker. Could someone let me know if there have been any updates to this being possible?
Thank you.

Has the MetaMask BSC integration been complete? If not, how can I go about pulling a transaction file which will match CoinTrackers inputs? I’m already finding that I get “ERRORS” when I upload files from Nexo & Abra. Is there a fix for those as well?

Related to this topic, I am trying to add my Metamask Avax wallet, and it seems that the only option for Metamask seems to be ETH.

Another vote/request for adding additional Metamask wallets to Cointracker :slight_smile:

I think you need to do this in Conitracker:

Add Wallet

  • Wallet Type: Public address
  • Crypto: Avalanche
  • Address:

Just make sure you’ve selected Avalanche Network in Meta Mask before grabbing your public AVAX address. Also assumes that you’ve added the Avalanche network to Meta Mask. You have done this, correct?

Thank you redneckbob, that solved my problem!

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Is this still not added? Geeze I find that ALL of these coin portfolio trackers fail to do what we need them to do. Seriously I’ve use many of these trackers & they all fail to meet my needs/expectations. This feature is something I need, I was considering to be a paying customer of CoinTracker, but if they can’t meet this basic need of mine, I might as well learn Excel & do everything myself.
Thanks for this info on this post.
Now I know not to pay for CoinTracker.