How To Add/Keep Blockchain Hash Links In CoinTracker


Hey @Chandan

Some API’s (binance and celsius at 2 examples) also seem to import the hash Tx…

How do I add these myself into a Tx?
They are really useful to keep, esp if the Tx is unknown, and at a later date you want to look at it again.
Ive been adding it to the notes, but this is just a free text field.

The problem is, if I turn this Tx into a Transfer or edit it in any way (other than to add a note), then I lose it the link aswell??

Im guessing its some hard code into the Tx.

if so, could you bring it forward into the UI as a set field on the edit Tx page so we can add it there?



Thanks for the request; we’ve added it here for you to track updates

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