How to add new Exodus wallet

Hi. I added my Exodus account to Cointracker and it imported all of the wallets that Exodus supported at the time. Since then, Exodus has added support for new wallets and I want to get them into Cointracker. How do I manually add the new Exodus wallets?

Hi @RJnCA,

If it’s just a few wallets, you can add them individually to the add wallets page. If there are a lot, you can add a new Exodus SAFE export and remove the existing ones.

Is there a new way of importing Exodus Wallet, when you try to import via the safe report it says zip file not supported.

Desktop or Mobile Exodus?

Desktop, I do not see the option on mobile. When I click export report, I try to import the zip file but is says zip file not support.

I’m just getting an import error when I try. Looks like maybe Exodus changed the format of the files in the Zip.

same here I even tried to upload just transactions via CSV but did not work either.

The cointracker importer is really picky about field types and formats in uploaded files, so I’m assuming Exodus changed something there. You should probably send an email to cointracker support because they probably won’t see this