How to add your CoinJar account to CoinTracker


  1. Navigate to your CoinJar settings page
  2. Scroll to the bottom and download your Purchases and Sales (CSV) and Deposits and Withdrawals (CSV)
  3. Go to CoinTracker’s import page for CoinJar and upload the Purchases and Sales (CSV) file that you just downloaded
  4. Go to your CoinTracker wallets page and select the CoinJar wallet from the left side
  5. Use a CSV editor (like Google Sheets) to reformat the Deposits and Withdrawals (CSV) file into the CoinTracker CSV format [video]
  6. Save the reformatted CSV file [video]
  7. Click on the drop-down button next to the CoinJar wallet you’ve created on CoinTracker and click on “Import Transactions” and attach the reformatted CSV from step 6 [video]