How to change marker "sold" to "trade"?

Hi all,

I did a trade from Bnb to another crypto but the transaction was marked as “sell” bnb whereas other similar instances they were marked as “trade”. Am I missing something here? There seems no way to edit it from “sell” to “trade” either.

Thanks in advance for any help and pointers.


For tax purposes, it doesn’t matter whether you traded one cryptocurency for another without converting to FIAT in the process, it would still be a taxable event. So when you trade one coin for enough, you’re really just selling $x of one coin and buying $x of another, so there’s no point in marking it as a “trade” versus one sell and one buy transaction.

You might be thinking of transfers. Transfers only apply when you’re moving the same cryptocurrency from one wallet to another that’s in your possession, such as moving a crypto from an exchange to a hardware wallet.

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Thanks for the explanation. Helped clear up my confucion. :+1: :+1: :+1: