How to check exchange import results?

Hello people,

only cointracker seems to be able to process binance cross margin trades. I definitly need this capability for filing my taxes. So I made an account to see whether these margin trades are imported correctly. All my trades have been imported now. But how can I check if correctly so? The balances displayed on “cointracker/wallets” dont do the trick. I need the balances calculated by cointracker and not the balances copied from the binance API. Can somebody help me out here?

regards & thx in advance

Apparently, the balance displayed @ cointracker/wallets are sometimes balances calculated by cointracker and sometimes API balances. In case of manually imported wallets, the web interface definitely shows the balances calculated by cointracker because cointracker doesnt have access to another source. In case of binance, cointracker seemed to show the API balances when I started importing my trades because it did not have any trades to calculate blances from, yet. But what about after importing the trades?