How To Convert A Tx Into a BUY (+ Possible bug)

I have a Tx pulled from an API from Bitstamp.
It shows the EUR wallet credited with €200
But it had no source of funds.

QUESTION: What is the best way to show CT that this Tx was me putting the money in and its original cost in GBP (which is my native currency).

If I edit the Tx and give it a sending amount
£89 GBP
CT marks it as TRADE

Which doesn’t seem right.

If i don’t give CT a source of funds
but instead, edit the cost base of the EUR
CT keeps it marked as Received.

I assume RECEIVE is better than TRADE
But surely this should be a BUY tx?
Every now and then, when I’ve added a sending amount and currency
it shows as a buy…

Or is that because I was trading it for a crypto currency rather than fiat?

So should it be RECEIVE or BUY?

And…is this a bug:
When it asked me to update cost basis, it says USD
But when I click update, it shows it with the same amount in GBP.
(I assume this is a bug more than a question about best practise)

then when I click EDIT again it now has a £GBP sign.

Either Option 1 or Option 2 is fine here.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention — we’ll fix the bug to show your base currency (GBP) instead of USD.

Thanks Chandon for this.
Question on option 1 or 2
Will both increase my net deposits.
That’s my main reason for asking.
My concern is having it as a trade will mess up net deposits in some way???

Fiat deposits and fiat-to-fiat conversions shouldn’t impact net deposits. Here’s how net deposits are calculated.

Well, ive read it three times now, it makes sense…and doesn’t. I can see youve put serious thought into this guys.
So im clear, to myself and so were on the same page.

Are you saying that, regardless if I choose options 1 or 2 (to mark a fiat deposit as trade or received) it doesnt impact the CT performance…and this is because, as long as the Tx is related to fiat only (ie, fiat deposit or converting fiat to another fiat) its not actually had any impact on my portfolio, because its still in fiat?

If so, then does this mean that they are kind of arbitrary figures? They are there as a record, but really could almost be deleted and would not change anything? So long as when I do BUY/RECEIVE crypto in some way, it has a cost base, this is all that really counts and where the impact to the portfolio begins?

Am I on the right track?


Yes, all of the above is right. Fiat-only transactions don’t impact crypto taxes and performance.

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This should now be resolved.

Awesome, still working through Tx, will check it out when I find the next one and also confirm.

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