How To Convert Custom USDT to Tether?

I do read as many help files as I can before I post, but this one is a conundrum for me.

Im adamant, that when I imported from Celsius, there was no Tether.
Regardless if there was at the time…there is now.

But at the time, I made a custom token for USDT Tether,

I note today that my USDT balance is wrong,
and I realised Tether was now a real coin in CT and went digging.

I found 6 * Tx in my Celsius wallet for my custom USDT.

I began to edit the Tx and change the currency from USDT Custom to the real CT USDT Tether.
Here is one line for example use…

You can see its marked down as RECEIVE when it should be TRANSFER

I went to change it to TRANSFER,
noticed I couldnt,
so I edited the USDT TETHER Tx…

and I changed the receiving side
so the currency was USDT Tether
(not my custom coin)

I clicked update
and now I have a single, clean Tx that is marked as a TRANSFER
(as it should from wallet A to wallet B)


  1. What do I do with the old Tx? I cant delete it?

  2. Why is the new TRANSFER line record, a different time?

    All I did was change the currency?
    The time it was sent and received will still be the same as the original RECEIVE Tx back when it was received in a custom USDT token?

Thanks @Chandan

Could you please contact us about this one so that we can take a look at your account?

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Thanks, Ive just sent a ticket in. Will try to keep an eye on where these are so I can update them later.

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Hey guys, this is one id love an answer/update on please.
Esp now TGBP is live, I don’t want the same problems when I start working on TGBP.

Hi @LeadGr8,

Makes sense — we’ll get back to the ticket that you raised.

Hey @Chandan, any update on this?

Makes sense — we’ll get back to the ticket that you raised

I did some more digging into it.

It’s my CELSIUS wallet, when I go to it, it shows this…

  1. Wrong logo (still showing the custom logo
  2. No Tx but has a balance.
  3. The balance is correct.
  4. When I click into it, it shows NO CUSTOM USDT, but lots of correct USDT
  5. But there is no others USDT listed on the wallet page

Here is the Tx when I click on the “0 Transactions”

You can see the old CUSTOM USDT Tx
and then the correctly updated USDT TETHER Tx.

I also have 20 line items in Celsius for USDT and only 6 in this list.
Most my staking rewards are missing and some transfers too.
They were definitely all there when it was a CUSTOM USDT because I remember editing/checking them.

I have also queried the wallet in the search string adding “USDT” to see if any more come up but I get the same set of result as when I click on “View Transactions” against the USDT listing in my wallet.


Hi @LeadGr8,

Thanks for flagging this — we’re working on an update to correctly handle Celsius USDT and we’ll let you know once that is resolved.

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tip top. following. seen the comment about time scale, happy to know its important. cheers guys. D

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